Even more comfortable to move with
the new ThinDRY™ Core

Seeing your little one waddle in a diaper with a bulging bottom might look cute but not necessarily comfortable for your baby. Imagine having to carry all that extra weight. It is so important that your baby moves around freely as scientists and educators have found physical activities correspond with brain development as well as in the development of motor skills. Drypers Wee Wee Dry with ThinDRY™ Core is designed to make movement easy and comfortable for your child.

ThinDRY™ Core The diaper is not only less bulky, its thinner core absorbs and distributes urine effectively. And you know, it will be more comfortable for your little one to move around. Storage too is easy and takes up less space.

Stretchable Waist Band This makes the diaper hug your baby’s waist comfortably preventing it from slipping. Note, there are altogether 5 elastic bands (Waist Band plus 2 on each side of the legs) to give more flexibility for your baby to crawl, walk, climb or dance.

Flexi-Tape™ This makes it easy for you to open and refasten multiple times without the diaper losing its shape. Whether your child is standing up or lying down you can easily adjust the diaper so it fits perfectly.

100% Breathable Cloth-like Cover We choose our diaper material very carefully to suit the humid weather. The material provides good air circulation to keep your baby’s skin cool and fresh.

Leak Guards Leakages can be very uncomfortable as it can irritate your baby’s skin. We take extra measures by incorporating leak guards that hug your baby’s legs gently to prevent leakages.

Drypers Wee Wee Dry for Newborn

For clean, healthy skin.

Drypers Wee Wee Dry Newborn size diapers have features that specially cater to the needs of new born babies who need extra special care.

Soft Absorb Layer™
The poo of your new born baby is usually thinner in the first few months. This feature helps by drawing and securing the poo away from baby’s sensitive skin to keep skin clean and healthy.

Soft Absorbent Core
This effectively absorbs and distributes urine into the diaper for longer lasting dryness and helps to prevent diaper rash and irritation.

Navel Care
Unlike diapers for older babies, you’ll notice, this diaper has a special cut for navel care. It reduces the pressure of the diaper rubbing against the stump as the belly button heals. It also improves air circulation to keep navel area dry.

Drypers Wee Wee Dry with
ThinDRY™ Core gives same absorbency.

Hear what some moms and dads have to say:

“The new Drypers Wee Wee Dry
may appear ‘thin’ for some, but for me ‘thin’ is more comfortable and my child’s (diaper) can still absorb more even with less”

Puan Nordiyana Binti Yaacob
mother of 2 children,
Puchong Selangor

“At first I was not satisfied with
Drypers Wee Wee Dry for being too thin. But after trying it for myself, I found the latest Drypers Wee Wee Dry really gives maximum absorption.”

Puan Philimal Normelissa Ani
mother of 3 children,
Temerloh, Pahang

“The newest version of Drypers
(Wee Wee Dry) has improved (its) quality from the previous. It can absorb more urine and my kid (is) able to feel dry all the while.”

Mrs Ng Bui Ching
mother of 1 child,

“Quality was so good and improved. Thanks for listening to us.”

Ms. Revathi Subramaniam
mother of 1 child,

Importance of mobility

Creeping and crawling freely stimulates development
Starting from birth, children should be given every opportunity to acquire mobility. Scientists and educators have found physical activities in a child helps to develop connections between the nerve cells and the brain. As these connections develop, the child’s fine and motor skills as well as concentration will greatly improve. This is vital for every child’s future ability to learn and grow to his or her full potential. Your child needs to move the limbs comfortably and every opportunity should be given. Don’t you think a diaper will be more comfortable for your precious one to move around and explore comfortably?

Eye-catching Designs

‘Bear and friends play Hide & Seek’
Make up stories and play along, your child will love the attractive designs of Bear and friends playing hide and seek in different environments.

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