Diapers with premium softness and absorbency
for your little one’s ultimate comfort

When it comes to our little ones, we always take care to be ever so gentle when we touch them, hold them and nurture them. We want to make them feel as safe and comfortable as possible. New Drypers Touch was inspired by this insight and incorporates the advanced Pro Skin Technology to offer your baby a premium diaper with ultimate softness, absorbency, breathability and up to 12 hours of lasting dryness to keep your baby’s skin as comfortable as possible.

Drypers Touch, a premium diaper with
ultimate softness, absorbency and breathability

Navel Care Tips

  • Let the umbilical stump fall off by itself
  • Keep the area clean and dry
  • Expose the area to air as often as possible
  • If weather permits, just use a loose baby t-shirt and a Drypers Touch Newborn diaper to allow air circulation
  • Sponge baths are more practical than tub baths during healing process
  • Super Dry Absorption Core
    Provides up to 12 hours of lasting dryness.
    - Keeps moisture away so your baby feels very comfortable.

  • Navel Care (Applies to NB size only)
    Reduces the pressure of the diaper rubbing against the umbilical stump.
    - Protects your baby’s belly button as it heals.

  • Super Soft Embossed Top Layer
    Draws and distributes urine for longer lasting dryness. In NB size, it also secures the poo (usually thin in the first few months) away from baby’s skin.
    - Protects baby’s delicate skin from irritations and diaper rash.

  • Cotton-Touch Backsheet
    Cotton-Touch and breathable outer material feels soft as you hold your baby.
    - Offers better air circulation to keep your baby cool and healthy.

  • Skin Gentle Leakage Barriers
    Non-woven anti leakage barriers, designed to be ultra effective yet gentle around the legs.
    - No friction on skin and prevents leakages.

  • Stretchable Waist-band
    Soft elastics at the back waist for a perfectly tailored fit for your little one.
    - Good fit allows your curious child to move freely.

  • Soft-Fastening System
    Soft taping zone with flexi tape fastening that gives ultimate comfort for your baby.
    - Gentle and easy to fasten each time.

Watch how Technology and Love combine to create our softest diaper

Pick the right size for your baby

Tips on how to choose the Perfect Fit for your baby

Weight is a good indicator. However, you should also consider your baby’s age (older babies tend to wee and poo more), your baby’s body shape (slim or chubby) and if your baby is actively moving. If your child’s weight suits two Drypers size, we suggest you choose the smaller size for your slim child and the larger one, if your child is chubbier.

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Scan the diapers
to tell lovely Itsy Bitsy stories

Storytelling brings a lot of benefits to parent and child. Putting on a cartoon on TV or a tablet is never the same as snuggling with your little one and engaging them in a story. The warmth and closeness will only bring you closer to your child. Storytelling also improves verbal proficiency, listening skills and encourages creativity and imagination.

How to access the Itsy Bitsy Stories

Scan the QR codes found on the side panel of Drypers Touch via WeChat.
It will then link you to a landing page.

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